5 Important Things That Make Upgraded Rooms Different From Other Hotel Liquidators

We Serve You

That is, we work for your general contractor (GC), if a GC is engaged the process.  Or, if the renovation is a simple FF&E removal/install (where a GC isn’t retained), we work for your Project Manager or Director of Engineering/Operations.  Whether we serve your GC, or your hotel directly, our #1 priority is to clear the rooms quickly, remain polite, and keep you on-schedule.  There are enough things that can derail a renovation timeline.  Our goal is to make sure the liquidation process isn’t one of them.

We are Flexible

In our experience, there’s nothing that seems to change more unexpectedly than a renovation schedule.  Whether it’s a shipping delay for new case goods, unexpected repairs, or a simple communication breakdown, we’ve seen it all.   You need your liquidator to not just be understanding, but also to be helpful, and to approach all phases of the project with a positive, problem-solving attitude.

We Strive to Exceed Expectations

Customer service is extremely valuable to us.  URHL has two sets of customers: (1) the people who buy the used furniture from us, and (2) the GC’s, or hotels we serve.  For each group, we strive to go above and beyond what’s expected of us.  The hotel liquidation industry, in our perspective, falls short in the customer service arena.  Though we are only one company, we are passionate about exceeding each of our customers’ expectations in every project we undertake.

We Keep Your Costs Low

While other liquidators try to squeeze every dollar out of their projects, often charging the GC or hotels unreasonable FF&E removal fees, URHL takes a different approach.  We don’t believe in charging hotels, or GC’s, a liquidation fee.  That’s not to say there will never be some unusual circumstance that may require us to ask for a small fee, but nine times out of ten, we do not charge a fee.  It is our belief, that any liquidator who demands a removal fee from their GC will inevitably force their GC to make them “purchase” the furniture.  In our view, this is an unnecessary exchange of money and time.  While URHL may agree to be paid a reasonable fee for an install, we consider the liquidation an opportunity to serve, and build relationships with hotels and GC’s.  The more we can demonstrate how good we are at what we do, the more opportunities we will be given to partner together on future projects.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Once you get to know us, to see how we work, and understand that your priorities are our responsibilities too, then you can relax when your liquidation is set to begin.  You will be relieved to have retained a liquidation team that takes your best interests to heart.

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